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Nillkin CamShield Pro Durable Case Samsung S20


Nillkin CamShield Pro Case Durable Cover with camera protection shield

A slim and elegant phone case that protects the device against damage, and additionally has a sliding cover for the rear camera. Thanks to the cap, the camera glass is protected against scratches. It is also an additional plus for people who value privacy and security of their data. The covered camera prevents access to video recording in case someone gains remote access to the phone and enables the view from the main camera.

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Well-thought-out design

The cover consists of a flexible frame, hard back and a camera cover. Reinforced corners absorb the impact energy which is evenly distributed over the surface of the case.

Rear camera protection

On the back of the cover there is a sliding cover for the camera. Protects the camera glass from scratching during everyday use. When you need to record a movie or take a photo, you just need to slide the cap to reveal the lens.

Comprehensive protection

The unique design makes the accessory protect the entire smartphone housing. Your device will be locked in a protective armor that will keep it safe from all dangers.

Easy and safe assembly

Thanks to its design, the accessory is easy to pull off and put on. And without the risk of scratching the casing. Even after years of using the equipment, it can still look like new! In addition, you do not have to worry that the cap will accidentally slide off the device.

Elevated wounds

The slightly raised edges of the case additionally ensure the safety of the screen and camera lens. Regardless of how you put the phone down, you can be sure that the mentioned elements will not be scratched.

Precise cutouts

Despite comprehensive protection, the cover still guarantees free access to all necessary ports, sensors and speakers. The comfort of using the equipment is not limited in any way. You can easily connect the charger to it, and the sounds of calls or notifications are not unnecessarily muffled.