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Modern design in a fabulous setting

Unique gaming keyboard with a low profile design puts the renowned X-SCISSORS switches at your disposal, these have been adapted to fulfil the needs of the most ambitious players. The keyboard is ultrafast and super quiet equipped with useful functionalities. Get know Genesis Lith 400 RGB.

Low profile and quiet X-SCISSORS

A special feature of the keyboard are low-profile X-SCISSORS switches, known e.g. from laptops. They have been refined therefore they can maintain comfortable usage, quiet operation and achieve the sensational performance that expert players expect. Short travel distance and only 55 grams of actuation force will satisfy even the most ambitious players.

Super slim with RGB backlight

Lith 400 RGB with its unique design satisfies even the most demanding tastes. The slim, low-profile keyboard is equipped with an amazing RGB backlight with the PRISMO effect. It illuminates not only the keys, but also effectively shines on the sides of the structure. Here is a model that will add extraordinary charm with its style to your stand.

Phone holder

At the top of the keyboard, a rubber holder for a phone or tablet has been prepared, which can hold the device vertically that you can you use it anytime. Lith 400 RGB introduces innovative solutions by adapting the keyboard to today’s users’ requirements.

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