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Fury Hunter 2.0 6400DPI Wired Gaming Optical Mouse Black


An effective gamer is an experienced hunter who decides for himself when to strike a final

blow. Clever, hardy, quick and decisive. The necessary tool in his hands should be a proper

gaming mouse. Fury Hunter 2.0 is the second model in the Hunter series. It combines

strength, precision and ergonomics to maximise the performance of the gamer.

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The base for the quality of the Hunter mouse is a precise optical sensor with a maximum
resolution of up 6400 DPI, which has data processing speeds of up to 4000 fps. Gain full
control of every game and dominate your opponent. Bet on speed and precision.
Bet on Fury Hunter 2.0

To be effective on a mission, every skilled hunter must have camouflage to suit the
current conditions! Hunter 2.0 was equipped with an RGB backlight with the ability to
set one of six modes. Adjust the look of your rodent and enter the game in the best possible style.

Fury Hunter 2.0 has also a rugged design. The Huano switches are responsible for the
quick and flawless execution of our commands. Designed for the most demanding gamers,
their service life reaches up to 5 million clicks, which guarantees a long time of
trouble-free use.

The higher the sensor resolution, the more precise the movements in fierce fights.
Fury Hunter 2.0 has 6 levels of DPI and offers the ability to adjust “on the fly"
sensitivity from 500 to 6400 DPI. By tracking your movements so precisely, you'll
gain an advantage over your opponent at the very beginning of a game.

The mouse also comes with a wide range of functions, that can be assigned to one of 6 programmable buttons. In the software you can set features such as DPI resolution, double-click speed, roll scrolling speed, multimedia functions, Fire button, record any macros and more.