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Fury Battler 6400 DPI Optical Wired Gaming Mouse Black


There is an ultra-light mouse that has been developed to put control, confidence and accuracy into your hands.

The optical gaming sensor with ergonomic shape is satisfying and provides ambitious player the right conditions for achieving phenomenal results thanks to beautifully wrapped perforated design with RGB backlight

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High-quality 6400 DPI sensor
Instant, accurate movements without disturbances are delivered
by the modern Sunplus optical sensor, which guarantees DPI resolution
up to 6400 DPI and data processing speed up to 4000 FPS.
This specification is a guarantee of comfortable gameplay in the
most demanding titles.

The Fury Battler design has been perforated to keep the computer
mouse weight to a minimum, weighing just 65 grams it is ultralight
giving you a great control sense and quick movements. Low weight
works better with your muscle memory and helps you to hit your targets
quicker, more accurately and comfortably without overloading your wrist.

Modern design with RGB Rainbow
The Fury Battler has been carefully refined to satisfy even the most
demanding tastes with its image.The perforated structure and grooves
on the side of the mouse have been refined with an effective RGB backlight.
Here is the mouse that will encourage you to play and improve your skills.

6 Programmable Buttons
The device has six buttons which are fully programmable therefore you have the full control over the mouse.
You can easily configure the specific options of each key via dedicated software, thanks to which you will be able you use the full potential, making the game much easier.

6 DPI Settings
Different game, different conditions, different day?
Regardless of the situation on the battlefield, you can quickly change the DPI setting at any time using a special button located under the scroll.
Six different settings give a choice of resolution from 500 to 6400 DPI that guarantees you full sensor adjustment to your movement speed.Fits your hand

The Fury Battler surprises with its great shape, which sets trends
in terms of a comfortable, secure grip. Appropriately profiled construction
for right and left-handed people guarantees great fit in your hand even after
many hours of playing.

Robust HUANO switches
High-quality HUANO main switches deliver great response time fit for
demanding users. They guarantee a lifetime up to 5 million clicks,
which gives you the certainty that the components from renowned manufactures
have good specs and as a result will serve you for years.

Teflon glides
The Fury Battler is a smooth and fast device, but at the same time offers predictable movement on the mousepad. Modern Teflon glides have been installed at the bottom of the mouse to provide you the appropriate sensation of the device’s movement.

Advanced software
The mouse has a dedicated software that allows you to configure profiles, macros and assign appropriate functions to all buttons. The built-in memory in Fury Battler lets you to remember the settings even after connecting the mouse to another computer.