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Bluetooth speaker portable column microphone input KTS-1091 mix colours


Bluetooth speaker with Karaoke function

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Modern Bluetooth protocol: 4.2 + EDR with A2DP, AVRCP

High quality audio streaming from phone to speaker
Support for applications such as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Tidal and for playing music directly from the phone's memory
The stability of the connection, even in motion, up to 10m
Support for BT: EDR, AD2P, AVRCP
In addition, music can be played by:

FM radio
USB port
AUX connector for mini Jack-mini Jack connection
SD card
The loudspeaker supports the KARAOKE function – the microphone input (Jack 6,3mm) is located in the upper control panel of the device

Long working time: up to 5 hours

Built-in 1200 mAh battery
Charging time: up to 3 hours
Built-in powerbank

Your phone's battery is exhausted? Connect your phone to the loudspeaker and keep enjoying the music!
Each speaker is equipped with RGB LED diaphragm illumination, which will quickly put you in a party mood. The backlight is not obligatory – it can be turned on / off.

Speaker color for choice:

Deep, expressive bass
Immerse yourself in a deep bass line and well-reproduced, high melodic parts thanks to 2 powerful, efficient speakers
The 250W PMPO power can create musical euphoria during:

animation evenings
relax with friends
LED display and remote control
Remote control of the device's functions and volume control is possible thanks to the included remote control. Remote control range: 10 meters.

The LED display provides essential information about the operating status of the device, the currently played sound source or the volume level set.

Every DJ's friend
The design of the loudspeaker is a perfect compromise between the dimensions of the loudspeaker and the intensity of the sound. Taking it with you wherever you want to enjoy clear, high-intensity sound is no problem.

Height: 41 cm
Diameter: 17 cm
Weight: 1.7 kg
Length of the USB – Micro USB cable: about 50 cm
The kit includes:

Bluetooth speaker with Karaoke function
USB charging cable – Micro USB
Aesthetic packaging, perfect for a gift