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About refilling

Our machine what we use (Provac 2) has been design to refill cartridges that have recently run out of ink. The customer will have purchased a new cartridge, used it until the ink runs out and that requires a refill. In this case we know that the cartridge was working up until the point it ran out and that it is fresh and not dried out. Under this circumstances cartridges usually fill without undue problem and the effort required in preparation and refilling is minimised.


Professionalism and quality guarantee.

To regenerate the inks we use the highest quality components. We give 100% guarantee that refilled product will work as good as the original products. By using only the best raw materials, for crisp, sharp black text and bright color printed drawings and photos. Each tank is filled to its maximum capacity. We do not skimp on the ink !!

Canon’s toner cartridge recycling programme

Did you know that Canon has been operating a cartridge recycling programme since 1990? Canon is committed to a no waste to landfill policy. Each element of every returned toner cartridge is reused or recycled – be it as a component in a new toner cartridge, as a base material in other industries, or as a substitute for fossil fuels. No part of the toner cartridge is sent to landfill

Canon’s toner cartridge recycling programme

Inkjet cartridges are manufactured using plastic components and with plastic being a petroleum based compound it can take up to 1000 years for this product to decompose in a landfill site.

Unfortunately every years tens of thousands of these ink cartridges are throw in the bin with little thought given to how the impact the will have on the planet. These ink cartridges will almost certainly end up in landfill or go for incineration. Of course the amount of money spent each year for landfill management is growing because landfills are filling up faster than ever.

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